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Posted by: Sylvia Carroll Published: 5/8/15

Eleven students from South Pasadena ranked in the top 20 for their grade level in the 2015 International Math Kangaroo.  The objective of this competition is to encourage children and teenagers to master mathematical and problem solving skills. This year, 21,000 American students participated in the event.

The history of the Kangaroo stretches back to the 1980's when Peter O’Halloran, an Australian mathematician and teacher, began a popular mathematical competition in his country. The test was open to anyone who wanted to participate, and included engaging and thought-provoking questions which stemmed from mathematical areas of knowledge including algebra, geometry, and logic.

In 1991, the Kangaroo spread to Europe and was given this name because of its Australian origin. Very quickly, it spread throughout Europe and America, and presently over 6 million students throughout the world take part.

Following each student’s name is their (state rank/national rank).

Marengo 4th grader Serin Hwang (2/2) topped 3700 peers in the United States.  With 3412 5th graders in the competition, Arroyo Vista student Connor Wang (15/17) shined proudly.

Among 2235 6th graders across the nation, South Pasadena Middle School students Aaron Cho (12/13) and Madeleine Yoo (14/16) hopped to the top 20. Sam Clark (2/9), Adam Yang (5/14) and Ian McLane (8/18) were praised by the Kangaroo for their results against more than 1380 7th graders.

With 1016 8th graders taking the competition, David Yang (4/6), Kai Dettman (5/7) and Caroline Choi (11/17) scored impressive results. SPHS senior Sheldon Zhu (3/7) stood tall against 60 outstanding 12th graders in the event. 

Follow the progress of the SPMS math team at: http://achievements1.homestead.com/mathteam1415.html